bee upholstery fabric

* Soft Warm Comfortable
* Accept Custom Color and Weight
* Wildly used on Garment ,Home Textile,Toy and so on


Our bee upholstery fabric does not contain any harmful substances and is safe and healthy. It has a very soft texture, strong breathability, comfortable and breathable, and is very suitable for infants and young children or people with sensitive skin. This fabric also has good moisture absorption, which can effectively absorb sweat and keep it dry and comfortable. At the same time, it also has strong durability and can maintain good quality and appearance after multiple cleaning.

Product Name bee upholstery fabric
Colors Customized
Package Roll Package
Product features high glossiness,safe and healthy,lightweight texture…
Application pet house,home textile,car seat…etc
After-sale Service Real time online services

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Suzhou Rongyue Textile Co,.ltd is located in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China. We have our own mechanical equipment such as warping,weaving,rolling,emboss,packing,etc. The weaving workshop is equipped with German KS looms and Italian bristling machines.

Quality control: We control product quality throughout the entire production process. Firstly, we inspect the quality of the fabric and provide a quality report. If it is qualified, we will place an order for production. If it is not qualified, we will reject the fabric and return it.

Main products: pv plush,burn out,rubbit fur,minky,crushed velvet,sherpa fabric,bee upholstery fabric, pet,bed fabric,bathrobe,pillows, etc. Can be applied to pet house,sofa,furniture, etc.

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